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You want the best for your kids…and peace of mind for yourself. Kincrew is
your partner for successful co-parenting. The Kincrew platform will keep you
organized, informed, and in control. No more miscommunications, no more
scheduling mishaps, smoother finances, less conflict.

Start by setting up your castle…your household—you, the kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other family members.

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Shared Calendars
Set up your custody calendars and your kid’s schedules. As we all know, their schedules rule everything!

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Set up your own neutral line of communication where you and your ex can converse courteously and respectfully.

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Money matters! Link your bank account so that you can send and receive funds whenever needed.

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Learn more below about how Kincrew
brings sanity to co-parenting

At Kincrew, we want to help you bring the sanity back to co-parenting. Things can get out of control and
messy fast—we get you organized and back in control.

Kincrew Household Screenshot

More than one co-parent?
Define a Household for all
your kin!

When it comes to households, one size does not fit
all. They come in all shapes and sizes with a wide
cast of characters. No matter who’s in your circle of
kin—you, your kids, new partners, step parents,
grandparents, nannies, pets—you can create a
household that defines you and your kin best.
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Always hunting around for a
custody or shared calendar in
Google? It’s all in Kincrew!

We love em’ but kids make calendars complicated! The
more kids, the more complex it gets. Especially when
there’s two households to coordinate. Sports, doctor
appointments, music lessons, custody exchanges, date
changes, swap dates—you get the picture. Kincrew
takes all that complexity and makes it simple.
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No more he-said-she-said.
Kincrew conversations are
secure and court-admissible.

Good communication is the beating heart of
harmonious co-parenting. Poor communication can
cause misunderstandings. And in the absence of civil
communication, we can misinterpret the gaps. Kincrew
provides a neutral line of communication that
encourages respect at all times, with a court-admissible
record that you will hopefully never need.
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Money worries? With Kincrew
send, receive and track child
support and expenses for free.

Money is the root of most stress. When a household
splits into two, combined expenses go up dramatically
while income stays about the same. Finances get tight
and making ends meet more stressful. We make it
easy as pie to link your bank accounts to send and
receive funds safely and efficiently.
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