We All Lose Our Temper and Send a Harsh Email. Here’s How to Do Damage Control. on familyplanapp.com

We All Lose Our Temper—Here’s How to Apologize

Apologies come in a variety of shapes and sizes—and some of them aren't the right shape, nor the right size. If you want to make a sincere apology, here are some h ...

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How to Get Closure: Life After Divorce

Finding closure and peace of mind in the wake of a break-up Divorce is usually one of the hardest life experiences for both the separating couple and the entire f ...

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mother's day as a step parent

Looking at *bleeping* Mother’s Day as a Step Parent

May 2, 2019 | Parenting, Stepparents

I have lots of feelings about Mother’s Day. I am always blown away by how emotional I am on this day. Just to be clear, I don’t have a traumatic history with Mot ...

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Here’s why Your Marriage Wasn’t a Failure

Dominique Andersen is the founder of STRETCH+BLOOM, where she helps unfulfilled high-achieving women reinvent their lives. As a divorcee herself, she's a strong beli ...

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Co-Parenting with the Worst Kind of Ex: The Narcissist

1. How to recognize you are co-parenting with a narcissist and how to deal with one Guest blogger Alexa, from A Mommy Writes blog, wrote an article for The Family ...

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Judge’s Bench™: Why Good People Have a Bad Divorce

Save time, money, and stress by getting your divorce papers, documentation, and possessions prepared early In my mediation practice, I often encounter cases in which ...

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Fix What’s Broken: 4 Signs that You’re Co-Parenting Poorly

Avoid the pitfalls of co-parenting by recognizing the importance of collaboration and communication Raising children with someone you’ve divorced is no easy fea ...

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