About Us

Kincrew's mission? Helping families like yours!

Our Mission

At Kincrew our mission is to make the lives of co-parents and their kids easier, better organized, less stressful, and more fun.

Parenting is a challenge. Co-parenting is a super challenge! We figure the better organized you are, the less stressful your life will be, and the more time you will have to enjoy precious moments with your kids. We aim to take the misunderstandings out of communication, the mistakes out of custody and scheduling, and the complexity out of finances. All for the greatest wellbeing of you and your kids.

The Kincrew Story

Kincrew was created out of the real life story lived and breathed by founders Laura and Mark MacMahon. Through their own challenging experiences around divorce, parenting, co-parenting and step-parenting, they learned the hard way about how complicated things can get.

The more they tried to organize their lives, the more they realized there just wasn’t any app or resource out there that did everything they needed. And Kincrew was born.

Our Team

We’re just a small bunch of humans doing our best to make the world a slightly better
place. Hopefully a much better place. Great teams are made up of good folks who work
together, play together and respect each other. That’s us! We’re on a serious mission—
but we don’t take ourselves too seriously—if that makes sense!

Mark MacMahon

Yarmouth, Maine

When not being kincrew CEO, Mark is a father and co-parent of 4. He's a big believer in ...

Laura MacMahon

Yarmouth, Maine

Laura, Kincrew's Cofounder and Head of Product, is the proud stepmom of 4, ...

Bruce Grant

San Francisco, California

Bruce is our sciency, thinky, chatty president who is super proud to call himself both Aussie and ...

Christine Pearsall

Chief Marketing Officer
South San Francisco, California

As a working mom of 4, Christine can roll with the punches without forgetting the small, joyful ...

Lee Francisco

chief technology Officer
Marquette, Michigan

In 2013, Lee's tech start-up, 906 Technologies, was a recipient of the Michigan 50 Companies ...

Jack and the Squad

Seat warming team
South San Francisco, California

The West Coast seat warming squad is Jack the Boston, Jasper and Cody, the white kitty ...