Dorcy Pruter

Reunification Coach & Founder of The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

Dorcy Pruter is recognized as one of America’s top reunification specialists, a “Conscious Co-Parenting Coach". Dorcy teaches divorcing parents how to reunite with their alienated children and resurface the bond that was obstructed. She coaches children “HOW to be in relationship with BOTH parents”.  Dorcy delivers high-impact reunification strategies. Left-behind parents are inspired to take immediate action and restore the relationships with their children to overcome parent alienation. Within just a few years, Dorcy has created one of the world’s leading co-parenting companies, The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (CCPI). Parents can find help at the CCPI wherever they are in the divorce process.

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Dorcy Pruder Founder of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute