Elizabeth Winkler

Beverly Hills Divorce & Family Therapist

Elizabeth Winkler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Meditation Teacher with a practice in Beverly Hills, California. She incorporates mindfulness and meditation to help accelerate her clients’ personal growth and expansion. Integrating mindfulness into the therapeutic process deepened her work exponentially. As a result, she saw how effective this practice was for her clients. Elizabeth calls mindfulness "the bullet train to freedom".

Inspired by this, she created a mindfulness process called Heart Surgery®. She teaches the Heart Surgery process to children around the nation. The process has evolved into a mindfulness kit for kids. Children can use it as a daily practice for emotional healing. Subsequently, in 2018 Elizabeth took the first 300 kits to Africa via Tiffany Person’s nonprofit organization, Shine on Sierra Leone.

In addition, she has provided therapy on BRAVO and OWN. She is also a featured blogger for Laura Wasser’s divorce platform, It’s OverEasy. Blogging on It's OverEasy allows her to help individuals, couples, and families mindfully untether from marriages. Elizabeth Winkler has also hosted a meditation retreat, brought her mindfulness teachings into classrooms, college campuses, homes, to athletes across the country, mothers and children, and more. Her core objective is to equip each client with the tools to garner self-awareness, ensuring personal growth.

To learn more about Elizabeth Winkler's practice, visit her website www.elizabethwinkler.com.

You can enjoy Elizabeth's mediation collection for free on InsightTimer.

Mindfulness with Elizabeth Winkler