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The D Word Coach

About Lesley

Divorce is personal to Lesley Stubock. In 2011, after nine and a half years of marriage, she found herself divorced and raising two small children. She understands the roller coaster of emotions and the challenges a person goes through from her own experience. More importantly, she also knows that it is possible to achieve happiness again.

It's that personal journey that led her to specialize in divorce coaching for women. In her practice, Lesley partners with women to help them through the divorce process physically, mentally, and emotionally. She helps clients manage their emotions while utilizing tools to deal with their ex-partner, protect their children, connect with what really matters to them, and navigate the legal process. Though not a legal professional or financial advisor, Lesley provides the emotional support needed to continue the divorce process and plan the rest of their post-divorce lives.

Ultimately, Lesley's mission is to help others create a new future where divorce doesn’t define them. Her clients end the divorce process smarter and more confident, ready to seek out new adventures filled with hope and possibility.

Lesley Stubock, The D Word Coach, Divorce Coach
The Dreaded D Word by Lesley Stubock

The Dreaded "D" Word: A Woman's Perspective on Divorce and Ending Relationships

Lesley's book is designed to be an interactive workbook where the reader will be asked some thought-provoking questions as well as given exercises and assessments to complete. The content takes the reader through all stages of separation and divorce from the decision to stay or go through post-divorce reality. The book provides support from an emotional perspective through each stage. Every relationship has its own challenges whether it is abuse, jealousy, control, growing apart, etc. The workbook addresses the various situations that can occur in relationships including non-traditional relationships.

There are many moving parts to ending a long-term relationship or marriage. The checklists and exercises are meant to help the reader sort through those moving parts. Divorce can be an overwhelming time with a lot of emotions, thoughts, and fears. The Dreaded "D" Word helps to identify the “why” behind what the person is feeling and how to manage those feelings. The book includes a bonus section of interviews with women who have been through a divorce or are going through the divorce process and all that they have endured in their relationships. Each offers their perspective and advice for anyone going through it.

The Dreaded "D" Word is available on Amazon.