Thom Slade and Melissa Lisle Founder and Contributing Author

Thom Slade and Melissa Lisle are co-authors of a must-read book for the newly divorced—Uncharted: A Journey from the End to a New Beginning. Thom is also the founder of the website and Melissa is a contributing author. IveMovedOn has a lot of helpful resources for those dealing with the nightmare of divorce, including motivational content, a tool for referrals to qualified professionals, and an active community of contributors.

More about the authors

Thom Slade grew up in the North of England and met his wife of 17 years in college as an exchange student. He has been divorced and a single parent of three amazing kids for the last seven years. He is the founder of, a community of therapists, lawyers, and survivors of those going through and beyond divorce.

Melissa Lisle thought she married the perfect guy. Ten years later, she found herself alone with two children, a pile of debt, and a broken heart. Outside of her day job, you’ll find her serving as her son’s assistant robot inventor or cooking vegan desserts for her teenage daughter’s friends. She’s a passionate survivor of life’s road bumps dedicated to continuously building on life’s opportunities. A hopeless optimist, she invites readers into a candid look at her experiences in finding her way through a divorce to a richer life than she imagined. Melissa is also a frequent contributor to IveMovedOn.

Thom Slade Founder of IveMovedOn

Uncharted: A Journey from the End to a New Beginning

Thom Slade and Melissa Lisle (also known as Teacherwithtude) put their heads together to construct their common experiences and the lessons learned in the years following their divorces. This collaboration resulted in a new book, Uncharted – A Journey from The End to a New Beginning. The book is available for purchase on Amazon (rated 4.7 stars) and as a Kindle download.

Uncharted, a journey from the end of a relationship to a new beginning, follows a his-and-hers perspective to common obstacles, sea monsters, trials, and temptations post-divorce. We all start at the cliff of separation but from there we each set sail to a new heading. Will you head to Numb Island or choose adventures on the high seas? Either way, the goal lies in finding your own personal post-divorce nirvana.

Divorce changes everything. If you find yourself feeling lost following a divorce, this is just the book for you. Not just another memoir, Uncharted lays out a path through the obstacles ahead.

The book catalogs the triumphs, pitfalls, successes, and mistakes in a candid trip through universal circumstances we must confront when divorce is on the horizon. In this authentic exploration of their individual treks back to wholeness, Thom and Lisle each describe their process of mending their hearts, restoring trust, and reconstructing their lives.